Villa Albertina, home restaurant – Ferrara – 2023

Villa Albertina, home restaurant – Ferrara – 2023
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A rolling pin and flour to learn the art of tagliatelle from the best of traditions. Grandmother Albertina patiently shares her knowledge with Simone Finetti, who would become chef, but who in 1992 in Lugo di Romagna was simply her grandson.

Thus began a childhood that continued between fishing with grandfather Ledo, the cultivation of natural vegetable gardens with grandfather Guido, and holidays with his father to discover the varied maritime gastronomy. A path that, also passing through the TV programme MasterChef, comes to find fulfilment in the home restaurant designed to be a warm embrace of flavours and kindness, where every dish is a story, told with passion.

A home restaurant where every guest is not just a diner, but an active part of an unforgettable experience.

A home with unexplored potential, waiting to show the art and magic hidden on its wall surfaces. This is possible thanks to the Alone and Isla wallpapers, where nature and artifice merge in a silent embrace, preserving the functionality of each space.

Instabilelab azienda produttrice carta da parati alone

A process that is possible through valuable interior design, capable of transforming a property into a cosy refuge: a home restaurant with the master of the kitchen. Villa Albertina is born, with Instabilelab Alone wallpaper in the dining room seating up to eight people. The kitchen, on the other hand, is recognisable with Isla, a wallpaper made of fibreglass, the material suitable for humid environments and adjacent to the cooker.

progetto villa albertina cucina isla Instabilelab

If Alone gives prominence to the place of conviviality, Isla, Fibratex wallcovering, guarantees healthiness and impermeability. A constant dialogue between the chef’s production spaces and the surrounding environment blossoms into a harmonious symphony of style and functionality.

Villa albertina Finetti Masterchef

Instabilelab products: Isla 01  – Alone 01 – Evanescent 01

Project by Sanson Home Design, BL

We thank Chef Simone Finetti for his collaboration

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