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The precious and exclusive limited edition wallpaper.

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Art in the Wall- paper

Instabilelab collections are born from a personal interpretation of the classic product, which mixes up different ideas and styles, creating new aesthetic, conceptual, seductive and unique combinations, to give more value to their spaces.

Instabilelab Custom-me
Instabilelab Custom-me


Every floor, wall, ceiling or object is a design that continues without interruption. Ambitious project, designed and dedicated to those who do not want to have limits.

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Decorative wallpaper, Indoor and outdoor wallpaper

Based in Italy, our company has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor wallpaper since 2015. Since its inception, the company has been constantly growing, evolving and innovating, becoming a recognised brand in the world of designer wallpaper.
Made up of industry professionals with a high level of experience in graphic and interior design, our team can provide you with solutions to satisfy all your stylistic needs, with the freedom to customise the wallpaper to adapt to any environment.
All our indoor and outdoor wallpaper catalogues were born from a desire to elevate and transform your surroundings. Each of our products reflects our determination and commitment to quality.
InstabileLab also produces wallpaper for commercial establishments. Restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, recording and music studios... whatever your business, we have the perfect design solution for you! To create our modern wallpaper, we use the highest quality materials, selected to suit their environment:
- in humid settings such as bathrooms or external walls, we use fibreglass,
- in recording and music studios, we use special soundproof wallpaper.
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