Fabrics for bed headboards and boiserie

Fabrics for bed headboards and boiserie bring elegance and functionality to the bedroom. They add a touch of personal and refined style, radically transforming the room’s appearance.


Instabilelab’s upholstery fabrics can be printed with any design from our collection.
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The style and emotions of the night

Fabrics for covering the bed headboard have an incredible ability to evoke emotions and sensations. Their texture, color, and pattern can influence our mood and the way we perceive a space. They can make one of the rooms where we spend a significant part of our lives feel welcoming and prepare us to peacefully embrace the moment of sleep.

Customization and materials

Modern technology allows for extraordinary customization of upholstery fabrics, with advanced printing techniques ensuring detailed designs and vibrant colors. These fabrics blend art and functionality, expressing refined style and a beauty that is never ordinary. They reflect the owner’s taste and elevate the standard of interior spaces.


Choosing the right material is essential to create a welcoming and refined environment, and it can be printed with all the graphics from Instabilelab collections.

Materials for upholstery fabrics


Thanks to its exclusive softness and lightness, Miraglio is the perfect fabric for interior upholstery. Soft and uniform, it feels and looks like velvet, showcasing its beauty and elegance with impeccable color rendering. It can be selected with any design of the Instabilelab collections.


Montreal is an upholstery fabric that captivates the touch with its softness, but also the eye with its elegant and sophisticated weave. You can choose it for all the graphics in the collection and the result is always impeccable.


With an irresistible look and feel, Sinphony is an upholstery fabric that lends recognisable character and exclusivity. A thick material with a surprising softness reminiscent of fine chenille, it delivers impeccable print performance with any Instabilelab graphic.


An ideal upholstery fabric for those who seek unconventional details in their interior design projects. Its non-homogeneous weave material gives the fabric a sophisticated appearance. All graphics from the collection can be printed.

upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Functionality and comfort of fabrics for boiserie and bed headboards

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, fabrics for bed headboards serve a functional purpose. They protect the bed from dust and dirt, contribute to overall comfort by providing thermal insulation, and enhance the quality of sleep. It’s important to consider the texture of upholstery fabrics, as a pleasant surface to touch increases relaxation, making the bed more inviting.

Instabilelab’s boiserie and bed headboards fabrics can be printed with any design from our collection.

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Abstract and contemporary design fabrics

Bed skirt fabrics with abstract designs offer a modern and bold alternative. With their ability to play with shapes and colors in unexpected ways, these coverings can transform the bed into a striking focal point. They are perfect for enriching the style or adding a touch of dynamism to the room.

Romantic and refined floral motifs

Bed fabrics with floral themes are a highly appreciated choice, capable of bringing elements that evoke nature into the bedroom. These motifs can range from delicate botanical designs to bold floral bursts, offering a variety of options to suit different decorative styles. Floral decorations can infuse serenity and a touch of romance, making them an ideal solution for those seeking upholstery fabrics that create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

High-quality printed materials and fabrics for every style

Upholstery fabrics for covering the bed, soft and lightweight, are appreciated by those seeking style and comfort. Soft to the touch, they have textures reminiscent of velvet and chenille. These coverings offer a wide range of designs, allowing enthusiasts and interior decorators to express their creativity with captivating details. Modern printing techniques allow for graphics to be reproduced on these materials with incredible quality and truly astonishing detail. Bed skirt fabrics are capable of evoking deep emotions and precious memories.

High-quality and made in Italy fabrics for armchairs

Soft and lightweight fabrics for armchairs are highly appreciated by those who wish to combine style and comfort. These materials offer a rich variety of patterns, allowing interior decorators, designers, and enthusiasts to express their personality with unique and captivating details. The available range includes fabrics for interior design. Modern printing technologies always ensure excellent color and detail rendering.

Discover the upholstery fabrics for sofas

The wide range of decorative patterns printed on fabrics for sofas allows you to find the most suitable solution for your living room and express your style. Patterns inspired by flowers and abstract art can transform a simple piece of furniture into a vibrant focal point of the room. The bright colors of floral-style home fabrics range from the most refined to the boldest, introducing a sense of naturalness and freshness. They are ideal for creating a welcoming and lively environment. Abstract patterns, characterized by geometric shapes and vivid colors, offer a modern and distinctive aesthetic. Modern sofa fabrics are perfect for contemporary spaces.

Discover also the fabrics for curtains and draperies

Curtain fabrics represent the essence of style and sophistication in interior decoration. They can transform any space, providing a unique and sophisticated atmosphere that enriches every room with personality and class.

Add a touch of style with Instabilelab’s upholstery fabrics

Explore our collection of upholstery fabrics, featuring a wide selection of colors and decorative patterns to create the perfect atmosphere. Choose from modern, vintage, floral, or abstract fabrics. Discover how to create a unique style with fabrics for sofas, armchairs, chairs, bed headboards, curtains and drapes.

Customization and creativity

All types of upholstery textiles can be customized with the designs from Instabilelab collections, offering total creative freedom. Each piece becomes a unique design element, capable of reflecting personal taste and perfectly integrating with existing decor. The decorated elements are not just functional items but become true works of art that enhance style and personality.

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