Curtain fabrics

Curtains are much more than just an accessory in interior design. They represent a fundamental element that can define the atmosphere of a room, regulating light and ensuring privacy. By choosing the elegant curtain fabrics, it is possible to create a welcoming and refined environment, personalized according to your taste.


Instabilelab curtain fabrics can be printed with any design from our collection.
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Customisation and fabric materials

Modern technology has expanded the opportunities for customization and printing on curtain fabrics. Printing techniques allow for detailed designs and vibrant colors that remain bright over time. The wide range of shades, colors, and graphic patterns offers multiple possibilities for creating any setting with upholstery fabrics. Discover your style with home decor fabrics: designer, decorative, elegant, and refined. If you are looking for the perfect curtain fabric, get inspired by floral, geometric, nature-themed, flower, and leaf designs.

Choosing the right material is essential for creating a welcoming and refined environment. Lighter curtain fabrics are ideal for open spaces, as they promote air circulation, while more opaque materials are perfect for filtering light in offices or sunny rooms. Shiny fabrics brighten living rooms and dining areas, while blackout fabrics provide total light control, ensuring optimal darkness and comfort in bedrooms.

Materials for curtain fabrics

Cervino is the thinnest and most delicate filtering curtain fabric in the Instabilelab collection. Thanks to its lightness, it lends a suave movement and refined charm to any environment. It can be printed with all Instabilelab graphics.


Cortina is a filtering curtain fabric with a narrow, regular weave. Its opacity allows it to protect against light and heat while retaining its natural luminosity. A material designed to guarantee excellent printing performance and definition with all the graphics in the collection.


Chamonix is a filtering curtain fabric with a narrow, regular weft. Its white and shiny yarn is ideal for bright and brilliant print performance. It guarantees excellent print performance and definition with all the graphics in the collection.


Ponge Blackout is a curtain fabric characterised by impeccable blackout and opaque capabilities. A smooth and elegant material that guarantees a perfect rendering with all the graphics of the Instabilelab collections.

Curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics

Curtain fabrics

Elegant curtain fabrics with floral and abstract patterns

Elegant curtain fabrics with floral and abstract designs offer a wide range of options to enrich interiors. Floral motifs, a timeless classic, vary from delicate and romantic patterns to large and bold decorations suitable for contemporary spaces. Abstract designs, on the other hand, offer greater expressive freedom, transforming curtains into true works of art. An elegant curtain with an abstract design can capture attention and stimulate interest.

Instabilelab fabrics can be printed with all the graphics from our collection.
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The charm of modern style curtains

In modern curtain fabrics, patterns tend to be more geometric and minimalist, often playing with irregular shapes and clean lines. These decorative themes are ideal for contemporary environments, where the simplicity of forms and the refinement of materials combine to create a sophisticated and stylistically coherent effect. Choosing a modern and artistic graphic pattern helps to emphasize the linearity and purity of a space’s architectural lines. Elegant curtain fabrics create a visual link that completes the decor.

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Curtains from nature to abstract

Abstract patterns offer even greater expressive freedom. These curtain fabrics can create true works of textile art. The shapes can evoke natural elements, organic geometric abstractions, or be purely the result of the designer’s imagination inspired by plant forms. Using an abstract fabric can transform a traditionally complementary element into a focal point of the room, drawing attention and stimulating conversation.

Atmosphere and comfort with great refinement

Curtain fabrics also contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and refinement. Their ability to control natural light and privacy allows for optimal experiences throughout different times of the day and night. Filtering, blackout, or opaque materials ensure the desired effect, whether it’s to filter sunlight in a dining room or create an intimate atmosphere in a bedroom.

Curtain fabrics for contract furnishing

In the hospitality and restaurant industry, attention to detail and atmosphere are fundamental to providing a memorable experience. Among the elements that contribute to making an environment welcoming and exclusive, curtain fabrics play a crucial role. From hotels to restaurants, conference rooms to event spaces, drapery fabrics stand out for their elegance and their ability to create magnificent scenes.

Transform your spaces with Instabilelab fabric collections

Revitalize your spaces with our collection of elegant curtain fabrics. From the entrance to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the living room, even the bathroom, our elegant fabrics fit every space in your home. The catalog offers a wide variety of shades, colors, and patterns, with endless style possibilities: modern, decorative, refined, designer, and luxurious. Be inspired by the many proposals to find the perfect one for each room; choose from floral, geometric, and natural motifs.

Instabilelab offers endless possibilities for selecting and composing furnishing fabrics. The products are made in Italy and capable of satisfying any stylistic requirement. The fabrics for furniture and interior design allow you to decorate any environment. The wide range of refined proposals in the collections allows for the creation of not only curtains but also the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, chairs and bed headboards.

Customization and creativity in curtain fabrics

All types of curtain fabrics can be customized with the graphics from Instabilelab collections, offering complete creative freedom. Each curtain becomes a unique piece of design, capable of reflecting personal taste and perfectly integrating with existing furnishings. Thus, curtains are not just a functional element but become true works of art that enhance the style and personality of any environment.

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