wallpaper, textile, carpets and moquette

Instabilelab since its inception has never set out to be a simple wallpaper company, but a creative container in which different solutions can be studied, always related to the world of graphics.

A true laboratory of creativity and experimentation in which designers, architects and printers work in synergy to create unique products and designs that are always different and distinctive.


Instabilelab is a laboratory of professionals with a background developed in the world of interior design and graphic design, offering solutions that can meet every stylistic need, customizable and adaptable to any environment, interior or exterior. Our team was born in 2015 and since that time has grown, evolved and challenged itself, embarking on uvn path that sees us in constant movement and innovation.

Our collections are born from a personal interpretation of a classic product, which remixes ideas and styles, creating aesthetic-conceptual combinations that are novel, seductive and unique. Instabilelab offers an irreverent and innovative way of reinterpreting environments and giving spaces a new look.

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