Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics play a fundamental role in defining the style and atmosphere of living spaces. By covering furniture such as sofas, chairs, armchairs, headboards, boiserie and bed frames, it is possible to create environments with a highly refined and harmonious aesthetic, where all elements are stylistically correlated with each other.


Instabilelab’s upholstery fabrics can be printed with any design from our collection.
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New technologies and materials for upholstery textiles

Modern technology allows for extraordinary customization of upholstery fabrics, with advanced printing techniques that ensure detailed designs and vibrant colors. These fabrics combine art and functionality, expressing a refined style and never banal beauty. They reflect the owner’s taste and elevate the standard of interiors.


Choosing the right material is essential for creating a welcoming and refined environment. Lighter curtain fabrics are ideal for open spaces, as they promote air circulation, while more opaque materials are perfect for filtering light in offices or sunny rooms. Shiny fabrics brighten living rooms and dining areas, while blackout fabrics provide total light control, ensuring optimal darkness and comfort in bedrooms.

Materials for upholstery fabrics

Thanks to its exclusive softness and lightness, Miraglio is the perfect fabric for interior upholstery. Soft and uniform, it feels and looks like velvet, showcasing its beauty and elegance with impeccable color rendering. It can be selected with any design of the Instabilelab collections.


Montreal is an upholstery fabric that captivates the touch with its softness, but also the eye with its elegant and sophisticated weave. You can choose it for all the graphics in the collection and the result is always impeccable.


With an irresistible look and feel, Sinphony is an upholstery fabric that lends recognisable character and exclusivity. A thick material with a surprising softness reminiscent of fine chenille, it delivers impeccable print performance with any Instabilelab graphic.


An ideal upholstery fabric for those who seek unconventional details in their interior design projects. Its non-homogeneous weave material gives the fabric a sophisticated appearance. All graphics from the collection can be printed.


Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Furnish your home with style

The sofa, a fundamental element of the living room, becomes a functional work of art thanks to upholstery fabrics, influencing the room’s atmosphere and integrating with other furnishings. Armchairs, enriched with designer fabrics, offer comfort and style for reading or relaxation areas. Chairs, whether in the dining room or the living area, contribute to the overall aesthetic and visual coherence. Even the bed frame can enhance the look of a bedroom, adding elegance and personality with refined fabrics or unique patterns.

Floral and abstract patterns in upholstery fabrics

Floral patterns: a timeless classic, floral patterns in upholstery fabrics create a connection with nature, bringing freshness and vibrancy with their rich and lively prints. Ideal for bright and spacious environments, they perfectly complement romantic or country chic styles.

Abstract patterns: add character and intrigue, using geometric shapes, bold colors, and innovative compositions. They can adapt to various styles, from minimalist to boho chic, from modern to contemporary. The variety of shapes and colors in the designs allows for harmonizing furniture and decorations of different styles, creating a cohesive and dynamic environment.

Instabilelab’s upholstery fabrics can be printed with any design from our collection.
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Fabrics for armchairs

Fabrics for armchairs envelop the seat in a welcoming embrace. The softness of the material offers a sensation of luxury, style, and warmth. Like a gentle caress, it invites relaxation and helps forget the worries of the day. Decorative patterns are a statement of taste and personality, a key element in interior design.

Upholstery fabrics for sofas

The fabric of a sofa is one of the first details that stand out when entering a room. It has a decisive impact on interior design, not only for its functionality but also for its aesthetic effect. Choosing the decorative pattern is crucial for transforming the appearance of the entire living space, making it more welcoming, elegant, and personalized.

Fabrics for curtains and drapery

Fabrics for curtains and drapes represent the essence of style and refinement in interior decor. They have the power to transform any space, imbuing it with a unique and sophisticated atmosphere that enriches every room with personality and class.

Fabrics for upholstered chairs

Every home has a corner that tells stories of comfort, warmth, and intimacy. Often, this corner features a seat, a refuge of peace and relaxation. Fabrics for upholstered chairs make these furniture pieces unique and special. By choosing colors, patterns, and textures, it is possible to transform a cold and anonymous environment into a warm and inviting space or to infuse a simple room with an air of sophisticated elegance.

Fabrics for bed headboards, wall panels and bed frames

Fabrics for bed headboards, wall panels, and bed frames bring elegance and functionality to the bedroom. They allow for the addition of a personal and refined touch, radically transforming the look of the room.

High-quality upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics offer a combination of softness to the touch and impeccable quality in color rendering. Thanks to the technology used to create the prints, the colors and designs are particularly vivid, bright, and durable. They allow you to furnish any environment, ensuring functionality and aesthetic impact.

Transform your spaces with Instabilelab upholstery fabric collections

Revitalize your environments with our collection of upholstery fabrics. From the entryway to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the living room, and even the bathroom, our fabrics fit every space in your home. The catalog offers a wide variety of shades, colors, and patterns, with endless style possibilities: modern, decorative, refined, designer, and luxurious. Get inspired by the many options to find the perfect one for each room, choosing from floral, geometric, and natural motifs.

Instabilelab offers endless possibilities for choosing and composing upholstery textiles. The products are made in Italy and capable of meeting any stylistic need. Upholstery fabrics and interior design allow you to decorate every environment. The wide range of refined proposals in the collections allows you to create not only curtains but also to upholster sofas, armchairs, chairs and headboards.

Customization and creativity

All types of upholstery textiles can be customized with the designs from Instabilelab collections, offering total creative freedom. Each piece becomes a unique design element, capable of reflecting personal taste and perfectly integrating with existing decor. The decorated elements are not just functional items but become true works of art that enhance style and personality.

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