Vite Boutique Gastronomica – Mirano (Venezia), 2022

Vite Boutique Gastronomica – Mirano (Venezia), 2022
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A luxury gastronomy where our backgrounds and graphics are the protagonists.

After our collaboration with the exclusive Vite Restaurant at Il Cantiere Art District in Treviso, this new project once again embodies the encounter between fine food, design and art. A place to find the full expression of our custom-me service, where every element of the interior design can be customised to interpret the VITE philosophy.

While the one-star Michelin restaurant of the same name offers an immersive experience combining aesthetics, flavour and design, at the Boutique Gastronomica chef Simone Selva’s creations with vasocottura, a jar-based cooking technique, can be enjoyed in sophisticated and playful surroundings.

Somewhere to stop and indulge for a while; long enough to be wowed by a space shaped by endless variations of our Frida design, on wallpaper, curtains, fabrics, poufs, and panelling. One of our boldest, most romantic, rock-style designs.

Custom-Me transforms every single element into an expression of design articulated through the spaces themselves: from flooring and fabrics to walls and surfaces.

A place designed and created for those who seek the essence of beauty in every moment. From flavour to design. VITE stands for Vision, Inspiration, Truth and Emotion. Vision and inspiration lead to truth and emotion. Just like Instabilelab projects.

Instabilelab products: Frida 01 (wallpaper – curtains – moquette – pouf – upholstery fabric for chairs – boiserie)

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