Hotel Munde Biereck – Hofstetten, Germania, 2022

Hotel Munde Biereck – Hofstetten, Germania, 2022

A modern facility created under the banner of sustainability, Hotel Munde is located38 km from Freiburg and, in its minimalist and chic surroundings, welcomes guests with exclusive environments in which Instabilelab products are in perfect harmony with the interiors and the unspoiled natural surroundings.

A demonstration of the wide freedom of space customization and design that is expressed from the wellness area to the relaxation rooms, from the furniture complements such as the Annabel armchairs and carpets to the walls.

In the wellness area, Fibratex was used with the graphic Corazon 03, Instabilelab glass fibre paper perfect for excellent performance in wet environments.

Products: Rose et Noir, Corazon 03, Magnolia

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