How to enlarge a room with wallpaper: ideas that trick the eye and expand the space

One of the biggest dilemmas when dealing with the furnishing of small rooms is to find a way to visually enlarge the space while remaining within the structural limits of the flat.
To achieve this, there are various creative tricks: the use of colours, for example, but also of reflective surfaces that increase brightness and give a feeling of openness.
Nothing, however, is more scenic than wallpaper: a decoration that has the power to enlarge a room by tricking the eye.

Optical effects with wallpaper to enlarge a room

Beyond its aesthetic impact, wallpaper can offer the advantage of visually increasing space without moving the walls by a millimetre, but simply by taking advantage of its features and some decorative tricks.

Wallpaper with a white background

Light-coloured wallpaper, particularly with a white background, reflects light and has the advantage of making the room seem larger and airier. Combined with light-coloured flooring and furnishings, the room can light up to its fullest and give the perception of even more spaciousness.

Decorating the ceiling

A trick that works well in rooms such as the living room. By taking advantage of the fifth wall, the room seems to have more volume and you get the impression that the ceiling is higher. In this case, it is advisable to focus on ethereal graphics in not too bright colours, such as nature-inspired motifs, delicate floral designs or small, stylised geometric shapes, taking care to leave the walls of the room plain colour.

Two spaces in one

Contemporary homes often favour a single open space in which different functions take place. In these cases, wallpaper can be used to visually increase the dimensions, redesign and define the areas used for different purposes: a study, kitchen corner or play area. For this type of objective, designs with a floral and minimalist touch, with their refined details and their soft, relaxed colours, are perfect both on the full wall and to delimit an area and create a contrast with the other walls.

Enlarge a room with the right wallpaper

Motifs and graphics

Wallpaper can optically enlarge a room, you just have to find the right patterns. Among the best wallpaper patterns for enlarging a room, you can choose:

  • elongating geometries (such as horizontal or vertical lines or stripes to lengthen or widen);
  • the soft floral designs;
  • abstract patterns;
  • landscapes;
  • the choice to place wallpaper only in certain places, leaving the walls white or plain colour.


Natural colours and pastel shades of wallpaper such as pink, light blue, green, cream, the scale of beiges and greys make the room feel larger and brighter.

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