Wallpaper and interior design: the art of decoration passes through walls

Wallpaper meets interior design

Innovations in materials, graphic motifs and the creativity of modern wallpaper become true interior design elements.
The new wallpaper collections do more than simply decorate walls; they interpret space as an artistic work of art, turning walls into pictures to be admired that take the observer on a visual journey.

Decorating interiors with design wallpaper

In the world of interior design, wallpaper is an almost endless field of technical and artistic exploration, allowing any type of environment to be transformed. Modernity embraces the classic wallcovering, which, thanks to high-performance materials and contemporary design, becomes a decorative complement capable of conveying emotions.

From illusionistic and three-dimensional effects to the most romantic, passing through geometric patterns and those inspired by nature: here is a selection of trendy motifs, from the most classic to the most innovative proposals.

Interior design and modern wallpaper

Timeless textures and images, patterns that bring us back to the contemporary.
Modern wallpaper tells us new stories through geometric, abstract patterns or organic shapes that reflect our personality on the walls.

Interior design and nature-inspired wallpaper

Botanical, landscape, jungle or floral: nature-inspired wallpaper never gets tired and is suitable for every context. The biophilic designs are suitable both for enhancing rooms with natural materials and for locations with a minimal and essential style.
The floral macro-patterns, which come to life on brushstrokes of colour in which to immerse oneself, are of great impact.

Interior design and Japanese floral wallpaper

Oriental-inspired patterns have a refined and elegant aesthetic appeal, capable of creating unique atmospheres. Ideal for transforming interiors into relaxing oases, Japanese floral wallpaper is particularly suitable for rooms such as the bathroom and bedroom.

Interior design and luxury wallpaper

The charm of a wallcovering is often encapsulated in its refined and exclusive imprint. Luxury wallpaper gives way to creations that combine art and precious materials: graphic effects with unusual nuances to narrate the most sought-after environments.

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