Tailor-made wallpaper: Instabilelab’s high-quality, fully customised projects

Instabilelab bespoke wallpaper celebrates wall decoration not only as a creative element to dress up the surfaces of a place, indoor or outdoor, residential or contract, and give it a touch of personality by making it engaging, but also to enhance it with a strong, durable and completely tailor-made product.

What makes Instabilelab’s wallcoverings special is that they can be made to measure exactly like a tailor-made suit and can be customised in colour and design according to the project.

The aim is to support the customer by proposing a complete, high quality and punctually customised project: all proposals can be modulated in terms of design and are studied ad hoc on the basis of the structural and aesthetic requirements of the environments.

Instabilelab bespoke wallpaper

The process is one of total adaptation: after identifying the graphics from among those proposed in the various catalogues, the design is shaped according to the requirements and needs of the space. The graphic design created offers a preview of the final effect.

The wallpaper is custom stitched and resized taking into account the wall to which it will be applied, the presence of any furniture, doors and windows, and readjusting the design optimally, avoiding cuts or unsightly designs.

In addition to excellent design, the wallcoverings are backed by researched technical and ecological features, offering high levels of performance and quality to suit every design requirement.

Instabilelab offers the possibility of printing each graphic design on different substrates with different aesthetic and tactile characteristics, including: New Middle, with an elegant texture reminiscent of the weave of linen, Cross with its characteristic gauzy material appearance; Green, a PVC-free material; Fibratex, a high-performance support designed to cover damp environments, walls in direct contact with water such as shower interiors and external walls. Completing the offer is Sonora, a sound-absorbing wallcovering capable of improving the acoustic quality of rooms, and Velluto, the prestigious, exceptionally soft wall fabric.

Furthermore, thanks to the Custom-Me project, Instabilelab offers the possibility of printing the graphics also on carpets, upholstery fabrics and curtains, creating a surprising decorative continuum.

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