Lahnerhof Hotel. Vipiteno, Val di Fleres (Bolzano), 2023

Lahnerhof Hotel. Vipiteno, Val di Fleres (Bolzano), 2023
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At the Hotel Lahnerhof, the Mair family welcomes guests to a dreamlike, renowned and cosy retreat, suspended between modernity and the timeless charm of the Val di Fleres Alps, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alto Adige region.

Not just a place to stay, but a privileged corner of the world that offers endless possibilities.

You can relax in the wellness area, you can regenerate yourself by practising sports in the fresh and crisp open air, you can have an unforgettable food and wine experience in the panoramic restaurant with traditional specialities and international proposals, you can go on a discovery tour of the Wipptal, the enchanting city of Sterzing, the Eisack Valley, the Joch Valley, the Ridnaun Valley and the Ratschings Valley.


In addition to the well-being of the body, Instabilelab’s touch invigorates the eyes and mind by enriching the SPA area with one of the most popular wallpapers: Golden Leaf graphics printed in Prestige material, refined and pleasant to the touch, precious to the eye.

A design that blends perfectly with the hotel’s ambience, recently renovated and capable of expressing sophistication in every corner, in a fascinating interplay of balance with the snow-white surroundings.

Instabilelab product: Golden Leaf

Credits:  Foto Studio 80_©2023 

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