Easy Store – Piove di Sacco (PADOVA), 2021

Easy Store – Piove di Sacco (PADOVA), 2021

A store where fashion meets Instabilelab design, not just on the walls, but also on the fitting room curtains, the lighting and the carpet.

A special project which we like to think of as an exercise in style. A flower motif which evokes the infinite and transforms a store into a floral planet. A locus amoenus where everyone can rediscover themselves, freely express themselves and blossom like the flowers that surround them.

A place which fully expresses the Custom-Me philosophy, the exclusive approach created by Instabilelab. More than just a project, it is a way of designing and of observing the space which goes beyond the structural elements and the furnishing.

Everything starts from the wallpaper and expands to include accessories and fabrics, which can be fully customised with the collection designs. Custom-Me is the creation of an atmosphere.

All the materials in the Easy Store have been specially selected and custom designed to meet the needs of the store and to suit its spaces. The Immense01 design takes shape and acquires new ones, lending the space a bold, dynamic, vibrant character. Just like the store itself and its customers.

Products: Immense 01

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