Vintage geometric wallpaper 24K collection

Wallpaper Heidi

The marvels of nature highlighted by repetition. A pattern created in its most delicate details becomes a repeating geometric motif that creates an elegant interplay of harmonies. HEIDI is the vintage wallpaper, sophisticated, luxurious gold design ideal for bedrooms and rooms where a relaxing, meditative atmosphere is desired. The vintage wallpaper HEIDI graphic is part of the 24K collection, dedicated to the Prestige material, available in Gold and Rose Gold. A vinyl substrate laminated with gold leaf, which transforms the graphics and brings them to life with iridescent, luxurious reflections. Discover all the luxury, geometric, and vintage wallpaper collections by Instabilelab.

Color variations
Rose Gold
Environment +

Instabilelab wallpaper suits all rooms in your home:
In the living room, it brings elegance and a contemporary touch, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.
In the bedroom, Instabilelab wallpaper creates a dreamlike, original and design atmosphere.
At the entrance, it welcomes guests with a refined, modern style.

Materials +


A unique and prestigious wallcovering to which the 24K collection is dedicated. A wallcovering with embossed gold foil lamination, which is enriched with the characteristic iridescent effect, with all the shine and nuances of gold. The graphics are created to enhance the material and give the room a unique and luxurious atmosphere.


The 24K collection finds expression in a finish as refined and precious as rose gold. A wallpaper with embossed rose gold foil lamination, which is enriched with the characteristic iridescent effect, with all the brilliance and nuances of rose gold. The graphics acquire sophisticated and luminescent nuances giving an extremely glamorous style to the environment.

Technical information

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