Luxury wallscapes: the allure of luxury wallpaper

Luxury wallpaper: charm and exclusivity on the walls

Increasingly the protagonist of residential and contract projects, luxury wallpaper is a sophisticated tool at the service of those seeking a refined decorative solution with great aesthetic impact.

No longer mere decoration, but a true interior design element.
Prestigious coverings and textures of the latest generation, capable of revolutionising spaces with a touch of charm.

The main element shaped – in luxury wallpapers – is not the material, but light and colour, which, together with floral motifs or striking graphic patterns, create real landscapes.

Visual and sensory impressions expressed in ever different ways, depending on how the light strikes the patterns reproduced on the surface, also stimulating the touch.

Luxury wallpaper: the gold effect in all its nuances

Gold, in the collective imagination, has always been identified with wealth, magnificence and opulence.

Today – after the era of ‘total white’ and minimalism – gold nuances are back in the limelight, dictating trends in interior decoration: used in a calibrated manner, the precious metal par excellence represents a precious resource for giving spaces an exclusive and refined aura, transcending fashions and transmitting a sensation of surprising naturalness.

Gold leaf finishing is also making a comeback in interior design: a treatment that in the past almost exclusively involved Baroque-inspired furniture.

Interpreted and modernised, this technique adapts to contemporary environments, giving them a glamorous atmosphere, increasing the brightness of spaces and developing effects with ever-changing reflections of rare elegance.

The Prestige Gold and Prestige Rose Gold materials provide lustre and shimmering effects that play with the light spots in the room, offering the observer the chance to immerse himself in an exclusive yet dreamy setting.

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