How to choose wallpaper colours: the word from the experts

How to choose wallpaper colours

Wallpapers have the power to radically transform the appearance of a room, enliven niches and anonymous portions of walls, and create interesting focal points.

However, choosing the most suitable colour for our spaces is often not an easy choice.
Here is the advice of the Instabilelab experts for creating balanced interiors, beautiful to see and to live in.

Colour combinations in the home: where to start?

Colour is a fundamental intention and component of interior design, which can enhance or detract from the aesthetics of the entire home. To choose the best colour combinations without making mistakes, it is useful to consider four aspects:

  • The style of your home: contemporary, classic, Scandinavian, country? Every furnishing style has its own colour palette.
  • Colour and material of the floor: If, for example, you have a terracotta floor – and therefore warm tones – it is inadvisable to choose pink or green wallpaper. If, on the other hand, you have parquet or stone, jungle patterns are an ideal match.
  • The colour of window frames and doors.
  • The light: is a fundamental element to take into consideration. If your interior has little light, the advice is to choose light or cool colours for the walls, which visually expand the space and give light to the room.

Tone-on-tone wallpapers

If you have a favourite colour, tone-on-tone is a great way to combine several wallpapers in the home. In this way, a common thread is created between graphics, paint and the rest of the decor, which creates a harmonious flow in all rooms.

Complementary colours

When it comes to matching colours, one of the golden rules for a palette house is to choose shades that complement each other. For example, you can choose colours such as blue and grey, green and beige, or white and black, colours that have a similar colour expression.

Wallpaper and colour: 3 tips for making the right choice

  1. Stay true to the style of your home. The main rule to follow in order not to go wrong remains: starting with the same mood and shades of your furniture will help you maintain a sense of harmony and continuity in all rooms.
  2. First choose the wallpaper and then the colour of the walls, recalling one of the colours in the graphic according to the basic rule of Armocromy (the discipline that advises not to combine more than three shades, in the home and per room):
    – 60% of the space occupied by the main colour;
    – 30% of the space occupied by the secondary colour;
    – 10% of the space occupied by the accent colour, i.e. a tone that contrasts with the previous two and is only intended for details (textiles and decorations).
  3.  Choose a high-quality wallpaper, both for the material and for the print, so that the aesthetics are valuable and last longer.
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