The exclusive charm of gold wallpaper: the new 24K collection by Instabilelab

Discover the new Instabilelab golden wallpaper collection that tells of gold in its infinite variations.

24K: golden wallpaper as a metaphor for luxury and exclusivity

Gold is not just a colour, it is a material, an idea, a symbol, an ambition. One of the protagonists of our history, of every period and every culture because when this precious metal appears it immediately creates a halo of light and value around itself.

Instabilelab enriches its collections with a 24-carat proposal, marvellous sceneries declined in the GOLD and ROSE GOLD variants, printable respectively on Prestige gold and on new Prestige rose gold wallpaper. Nature and geometry blend to create vivid, floating graphics that capture the room scene like iconic works of art. The colours change when they touch gold and rose gold, transforming into unique and sophisticated shades.
A visionary collection to discover gold, desire it and conquer it.

Gold & Rose Gold Wallpaper

The 24K collection is exclusively dedicated to printing on precious materials where the substrate itself becomes the colour and distinctive feature of the graphics. Prestige gold and Prestige rose gold are the Instabilelab proposals for gold and rose gold-based wallcoverings.
A vinyl support coupled with gold foil thanks to which the graphics are transformed and come to life with iridescent and luxurious reflections.

The collection consists of thirty subjects, divided into two chapters, each with its own story to tell.
Abstract geometries alternate with organic shapes inspired by nature. Like suggestions and luminous glimpses that open onto exclusive and elegant atmospheres, between reality and imagination.

Where gold becomes dream, luxury and wonder

Gold Collection

AYAME gold
Natural elements such as leaves, trees and tropical forests emerge brightly from dark backgrounds, becoming an exotic tale that warms the atmosphere of refined and exclusive rooms.

The balance becomes a play between the geometries of the background and dynamic elements inspired by the natural world. A hymn to the idea of beauty.

PAIGE gold
Gold becomes a force in which energy and lightness coexist together, like a delicate wonderment trapped in the walls that brings them to life.

Rose Gold Collection

MARLENE rose gold
The pink shades tell the story of gold in its most unusual form, amidst abstract and natural shapes that become protagonists of the environment.

MARIGOLD rose gold
Imagination has no boundaries. Backgrounds, subjects and palettes hybridise reality and imagination through the rigour of minimalism, creating atmospheres in which in every colour, anything is possible.

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