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Modern wallpapers by Instabilelab

InstabileLab's creative lab is a place for our team of professionals to come together and develop their ideas, making every new wallpaper striking and unique! This supportive environment allows cutting-edge designs to come to life. Check out some of the most breathtaking pieces in our collections:
- Light + Light. This glow in the dark wallpaper can be summed up in just two words: simple and effective. Embellished with hand-painted phosphorescent details, the luminescent wallpaper comes to life when you turn out the lights!
- Book Access and Book Ghost. This 3D wallpaper creates an optical illusion that blends seamlessly with various storage solutions for your books and knick-knacks!
- Trip Illusion. Do you love bold designs and optical illusions? We have the perfect wallpaper for you! With Trip Illusion, your walls will seem to shift and change before your very eyes!
- Art Kitchen. Made using specially selected materials, this kitchen wallpaper is the perfect choice to create a unique space.
Trust InstabileLab to transform your home or business!